Case Study

M and S contacted me in 2008. I had been M’s cousins’ Headmaster at Papplewick.

M and S had three children, N, D and A. They requested a top Senior girls’ boarding school for N, then aged 13 and a leading co-educational day prep school in London for D (10) and A (6). I advised M and S to register D and A for several leading senior Independent schools, co-ed and single sex, day and boarding to cover all eventualities. N was 13 and had not been registered for any UK school. Nonetheless, I was able to persuade the Headmistress of one of the leading five GSA boarding schools to take N. A year later, D and A started at a leading co-educational London day school and M and S had produced another child T. In order to keep all the family together in London, N left her top GSA school after securing outstanding GCSEs in order to study the IB and SATs in London to prepare her for an Ivy League University. T will shortly join D and A at their prep school and all three will go on to the very best UK Independent schools. I am currently advising M and S on the admission process for US universities.